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Group Leader of the Regulatory genomics and diabetes lab

Coordinator of the Computational Biology and Health Genomics Program at CRG


His lab focuses on understanding changes in genome regulation that lead to monogenic and polygenic diabetes, and on developing strategies to correct these changes in human patients.


Group Leader of the Molecular Virology lab


Her lab uses comparative transcriptomic, epitrancriptomics and translatomics to study how mosquito-borne viruses, such as dengue or zika viruses, efficiently translate and replicate their genomes in mosquitoes and humans, two hosts separated by one billion years in evolution.


Group Leaders of the Probabilistic machine learning and genomics lab


Their lab develops machine learning methods to predict the effect of genomic variation on phenotype, with an emphasis on research that will directly impact the diagnostic yield of patient sequencing.


Group Leader of the Translational Synthetic Biology lab

ICREA Research Professor


His lab uses artificial evolution and ancestral evolutionary reconstructions to create new systems to enable more efficient and secure modification of the human genome and metagenome, as well as to create new biological functions with biotechnological relevance.


Group Leader of Microbiome Research lab


Our research focuses on the role of the human microbiome in mental health and the social transmission of the microbiome.


Group Leader of the Human Population Genomics lab


Her lab studies different aspects of human genome variation, population genetics, and disease susceptibility in the past and present Native American and Latin American populations.